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Why a Home Walk Thru Video Matters

The home walk through video is key. Not all agents do these. My guess is this is because they are overly expensive but so is your home in most cases. People's home's are usually their largest investment and even when they aren't, they are expensive assets. Your video, when done correctly using a profession photography team, is a way to expand your buyer pool. If a buyer across the country sees beautiful pictures of your home, they may love it, but will that prompt them to buy a plane ticket or pack up the car to come see it? Probably not.


This is true even when talking about buyers that are an hour or two away. When a buyer is able to feel like they walked through the house at home on their device, they are much more likely to take the time to come see it in person, even if the trip if further than they'd like. This also increases the possibility of people putting in offers without physically seeing your home, something that has become more prevalent recently. 


Why I Love Video

The walk through video gives you a real feel for the property. That's what buyers want when searching online. It just makes sense, when selling your home, to give buyers something they want to search for. The bottom line is... it's worth it. I never charge clients for videos or any of my advertising, they pay what they'd pay any other realtor but that expense to me pays off in higher sales prices and happier, more financially secure clients. Your home, when I list it, represents us both: how you have cared for it and how well I present it to the world.

Walk Through Video Exmples

Your Video All Over The Place

One of the first questions I get from sellers about the video is: where doe's it go?


The answer is everywhere. It's part of your listing. It is sent out by me as a paid placement advertisement. It is sent out to a large number of sites where buyers are looking for homes. Above are just two example of how these videos can look; one historic home and one more modern smaller property. Regardless of the home you plan to sell we can make your video look fantastic. You don't have to do much, just give me a call and I'll handle everything for you. My contact is below. 

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The best, most accurate way to get your home's current value is to contact me. Click "Contact Me" below. If you click "call" this goes to my cell and I'm happy to help, even if you just have questions. You're not bothering me, I love this stuff.

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