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The work I do behind the scenes to get your home ready to list is often overlooked by other agents. If you casually browse listings in our area, you'll notice a lot of similarities: Home's front pictures shot with blue sky backgrounds, descriptions of homes that are sparce and simplistic, often images that look plain or uninteresting. I want your home to standout online. I don't blend into the background as a realtor and here is a basic description of some of the things I do to make sure your home doesn't either.


A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

Let's start with photography. All homes I list are professionally shot at no cost to my clients. The advertising I do for your property represents us both and it is always my goal to make it eye-catching and professional.

Home Should Look Like Home...


front original - small




front original- small



Your Home Needs to Stand Out Online

Here are two very different properties, one a historic home and the other a modern property (see the four pictures above). Notice in the top shots they both look too dark and don't have color that will pop online. These top pictures (unedited) are what many agents use as your home's introduction to buyers.


Often the front shot is all buyers see at first, before they decide to click on a link for more info. If your home has a standard blue sky with white clouds in your front shot, you'll look like everyone else. The more your home's photography stands out, the more interest you'll get. More interested buyers means a higher sales price.


This gives you a quick example of one of the ways I see real estate differently. The look online matters. Notice the lightening of the shadows and how homey it looks when my design team lights the windows, giving the home an internal warm glow. In the more modern home's yard, notice the change in the way the grass looks.


When I'm done editing all exterior and interior shots it will still be your home, just at its best.

sq house example

An Example: Be The Warmest House

This is the way some sites display homes for sale and the way many buyers will choose which home to click on and learn more about. This is what most unedited photography looks like online in professional listings. Dark windows can look gloomy and almost every picture has a standard blue sky. I want my clients' homes to look the most inviting. I hope it's easy to pick out my edited, warm front shot out of the group (center pic).


Buyers are more likely to notice the home that stands out and it's my job to make that yours, in a good way.

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